Nano Check In: Week 1

How is your writing going? Are you participating? Are you a rebel?

This week has gone much better than expected, on several levels. Currently I’m sitting at a word count just over 15,000, which means I’m two days ahead of schedule.

I’m trying something a bit different this year in how I prepared. I’ve always been a plotter, but for the past two years I haven’t done a lot of drafting due to brain fog and chronic fatigue.

I’ve also been writing since first grade, so a lot of my methods were more….instinctual, rather than practiced, recommended writing processes. I never really learned The Hero’s Journey or how to break a plot down into specific steps. I read about writing, of course. But it was more craft than plot, and at this point in my career when I look up writing advice it tends to be highly redundant. I haven’t actively searched for things like “how to write a novel” since high school.

This year, though, I felt like I needed more help. I still did my regular outline, in which I create a timeline for the book based on the days of the week when each event happens in order, and then mark off chapter headings as I write. But this year I also filled out Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet first, and it really helped me get a handle on the plot. I’m also writing a mystery, so I made a list of my suspects and red herrings, and what each of them could potentially gain from the crime. I used a mind map to mark off each major plot point and connect them to the suspects. This really helped me get a handle on my setting, characters, and my plot so I could work in the various twists. As much as I love reading mysteries, I always feel like my thought process is too linear to write a good one. Still, I keep writing mysteries….

What about you? What was your prep process like? Did it work for you?

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  1. Good luck! Sounds like your planning has helped you a lot.

    I’ve done NaNo a couple of times. One ‘novel’ ended up as a short story – not even a long one, about 4000 words. All that effort for 4k 😀

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