A Nano-sized Plan for Nano

I confess, I’m still not feeling like my “normal” author self. Last year I worked on an edit of Shadow’s End, which is the story currently being serialized on my Patreon (You can read the first chapter for free, and get access to future chapters as well as three other books for just $1/month).

I think I just need to accept that my current state of being is the “new normal.” I’m having fewer issues with brain fog, but it’s still hard to concentrate on a single project long enough to finish it. I have “butterfly brain” which keeps flitting from one shiny new thing to another. Last week I completely outlined a cozy mystery series that I do not have time to work on. I still need to do edits for Shadow’s End before each chapter goes up, as well as work on my Spring release. I have a YA book I started right before I got sick that is still only halfway finished. Normally it takes me 3 months to draft a book, not three years. I have other projects that have been started and then abandoned. If it tells you anything, I had to search through old blog posts to figure out what I worked on last year, and if I’d even reached my goal because I don’t remember. I honestly have no memory of working on that book at all last year.

I’ve decided to work on one of those abandoned projects for Nanowrimo. Normally editing is much harder for me than drafting, but it’s been much harder for me to draft for the past couple of years. I’m finally starting to get back into it, but it’s a slow process.

For this book, The Gothic Lady’s Literary Society, while it is an edit it also involves drafting several chapters from scratch. I wrote this a few years ago as a dual timeline novel, but was repeatedly told by editors that it was too confusing. I disagreed, and had other reasons for making it dual timeline rather than a duology. So the book sat on my harddrive for two years while I tried to figure out what to do with it. I’d finally decided to proceed with self publishing when I finally–and unintentionally–got the brainstorm I needed. So now I’m rearranging the chapters and filling in the gaps to make a single volume that is split into two books.

Cross your fingers and send tea and cookies.

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  1. Sending cookies! Lots of luck with your chosen project. I suddenly came up with an idea for Nano last night. The brain fog is an awful thing and it seems to come in gusts like the fog off the sea at the moment.

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