Cat Update

Just a few photos this time. We made it through September without incident (insert me knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder) which means it’s the first time since March we haven’t had at least one trip to the vet. Hopefully, October will continue this trend. So far everyone is doing well. 

Our little noodle, Gwyd, as gone from a linguine to a manicotti–he was so skinny when we first found him, but now he could almost be called fluffy. His bones don’t stick out anymore. He’s very affectionate and loves to give kisses, which is the sweetest thing ever. 

Hermes likes to sit beside me in the evening while I’m knitting. In that first shot in the slide show he’s holding one my project bags for ransom–one million belly rubs to be delivered before dinner time. 

Morrigan has been playing with Bast and Gwyd, but it’s a delicate balance. The three of them are still trying to work out how rough they can/should be with each other. 

And Bast…Bast is a fluffy marshmallow who is full of mischief. His latest obsession is climbing on my nightstand so he can pull jewelry off my cork board. Not sure what this fascination is about, but as long as he keeps being cute and asking for snuggles, I’ll tolerate it. Cuteness covers a multitude of sins.