Nanowrimo Checklist

It’s that time of year, when we begin stockpiling paper, sharpening our pencils, greasing up the typewriters and investing in an extra harddrive or cloud space for our computers: that’s right, it’s Nanowrimo season.

Technically, this is just “Prep-tober”, but I say the season starts early. For me, it used to start in August, but for the past couple of years I’ve had to scale back my plans.

This year I’m still doing an editing project, since those take fewer spoons than drafting from scratch. But this particular drafting project is pretty ambitious and involves not only completely re-arranging a 70k manuscript, but also writing several chapters from scratch to fill in the gaps left behind.

My biggest challenge of late has just been getting my mind to focus. I used to be really good about sitting down and seeing a project through to completion, but that has been really hard of late. My chronic illness just makes it very difficult for me to concentrate on one thing for long periods, though it is improving slowly.

To make things easier for myself, here is what I want to concentrate on during Preptober to make things easier for myself later:

  1. Finish the book research for Top Secret Project no. 2 (the book is due back to the library next week, so hopefully this should be easy).
  2. Create an outline of the new chapters to be added.
  3. Edit and schedule Patreon chapters through the middle of December.
  4. Read 1 book to get “in the mood.”
  5. Set up a playlist for writing.
  6. Schedule library reserves so I have topical reading during time not writing.

It’s a fairly short list, but I’m hoping that if I can fully immerse myself back in the headspace for that book, it will be much easier to complete on a short deadline.

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