New Pattern!

Pumpkin Head is a slouchy cabled hat with a garter brim that is knit flat before picking up stitches to knit the crown in the round. The pattern includes instructions to adjust the size as well as guidelines for making a two-color version of the hat. There’s a two button closure on the brim.

Pumpking Head will be available for download starting October 6, here on my website as well on on Ravelry. Patreon supporters received a coupon to get their download for free, so what are you waiting for? Head over to and join for just $1 a month!

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2 thoughts on “New Pattern!”

  1. Fabulous! I made a cable sweater in the same pumpkin shade for my daughter a while ago and it drove me nuts trying to keep track of the pattern. I think a hat would be far more manageable for me!

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