Things Made on Break

As you might expect, I did a lot of crafting while I wasn’t blogging, though as always it wasn’t as much as I wanted to get done.

Bast Bed

What does one do with two skeins of yarn one can’t actually wear?

Make a cat bed, obviously.

This was a very off-the-cuff crochet project, just meant to use up some leftover stash yarn. The purple is from the sweater I made my mom last Christmas; the grey is a skein of yarn I got as a color comparison for a project you’ll see next week that ended up being unsuitable for the project. It’s actually quite soft, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it after that. The bottom of the bed is actually 2 strands of a second-hand mohair yarn I was gifted, held with the sweater yarn. I left the bed out for two days with the hamburger toy in it and then looked down to find Bast laying in it. I knew that of all the cats he was the most likely to use it, but it was still super gratifying to see him sleeping, using something I’d made him for it’s intended purpose. He’s now more knitworthy than 98% of my in-person friends and family.

Fireworks socks

I cast these on the evening of July 4 when I couldn’t sleep because of the illegal fireworks everyone was setting off. I think I cast them on around 11pm and kept working until 1 or 2 in the morning. I finished these relatively early in my blog break, and they are waiting for things to cool off a little before they get worn. Though I will admit, it’s been much cooler here in Seattle than in other parts of the country. We had one hot week in the 90s back at the end of the July, but for the most part we haven’t missed not having air conditioning.

I also finished the first panel of insertion lace for the Victorian undies project. I’ve already cast on for the next one, so perhaps there is a chance I’ll finish it this century after all. Or maybe not. I still have about 4 more yards of insertion lace and I don’t know how many yards of lace trim to make. I also need to sew the petticoat and drawers, but I want to get the chemise completely done before I move on to the next bit, just to make sure I’ve got the process worked out.

The lace was my first experimenting with steam blocking. Previously I’ve only wet blocked, but I wanted to get this sewn on right away. It came out really well and I’ll definitely be steaming the other lace pieces as they finish.

I finished two other projects, but you don’t get to see them until later since they are samples for a pattern. Stay tuned. Patreon members will get an early peek, so head over to my page. You can join for just $1.

I cast on for several new projects as well, but you’ll see them in a future post. I panicked a little when I realized it was September 3rd and not only had I not cast on any of my holiday projects, but I didn’t even know what I was making or who I was making presents for. I now have a precise list that is far shorter than usual. Right now I’m not sure yet if I’m going back to Ohio for the holidays, thanks ‘Rona. It’s looking doubtful, to be honest. Which means shipping whatever I get my family members. :/ I’m just not sure what to do for them. They are hard enough to shop for without adding the USPS into the mix. I have a feeling gift cards will be involved.

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