Podcasts du Jour

I go back and forth on listening to audio-only podcasts. Typically, I prefer to listen to audio books rather than podcasts, but lately I’ve been on a huge podcast kick.

It all started when I stumbled on The Ghost Story Guys on Instagram. Their Instagram isn’t anything to write home about, but the podcast most definitely is. I found it through youtube first, but now I listen through Google Podcasts. Ian and Brennan discuss urban legends, folklore, and of course, ghost stories, even reading some from listeners. This is an 18+ podcast for language. They are crass, but somehow manage not to be truely offensive; most of their humor and insults are directed at themselves, and after about episode 10 they get better at toeing the line between “this is off color and hilarious” and “that is offensive and rude.”

That sent me down a rabbit hole. From their podcast I was recommended The Poisoner’s Cabinet, in which a pair of Brits get drunk and talk about poisons. It’s another adult-oriented podcast, but if you like darker shades of history, it’s a good one to listen to.

History Is Gay was recommended to me by a friend, and it is so worth it. This one also has some questionable content in terms of language and some of the topics, but they are very good about putting content warnings on their episodes, and the research that goes into their historical profiles is top-notch. It’s another one that will keep you laughing, even as it covers some pretty dark periods in history.

Another research-heavy podcast that has sadly gone the way of the dodo is the Steampunk Dollhouse, which has some really in-depth examinations of Steampunk literature. I love this podcast and really wish it would come back (are you listening, Clockwork Librarian? Please bring back the library. I miss it).

Moving on to the writing and crafting, I am still listening to Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times, and I’ve been going in and out of the Knitpicks Podcast. A lot of their episodes are directed at more beginner knitters and crafters, but but there are some that will appeal to all levels of experience as well.

Recently, I started listening to Fiber Nation, which is hosted by Interweave and explores fiber history and the stories of people involved in the industry, past and present.

I have a couple on my feed that I haven’t started yet: GraveYard Tales, This is Why We Drink, and Tales of New Albion. I’ve been looking for a new steampunk podcast to replace Steampunk Dollhouse, especially since my main Steampunk hangout folded in 2018.

What are you listening to? If you’ve got a history, paranormal, or steampunk podcast for me, let me know!

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