By the Grace and ARC Availability

It is difficult enough in this age of awareness to be autistic, but in 1918 it didn’t yet exist as a diagnosis.

With no vocabulary to describe her experiences or explain why certain things bother her, Julia Grace must navigate the social minefield that is Mt. Sinai School for Young Ladies. She leans on her best friend and roommate, Ada Brooks, for support. Ada, who loves her despite her quirks and acts as interpreter for the social cues Julia is prone to missing.

But when Ada is found dead one morning before classes all that crumbles. To make matters worse, the police don’t seem to care, saying she was “asking for it” and they don’t want to prosecute the boy responsible. Maybe that’s why Ada’s spirit can’t rest and continues to roam the halls of the school, growing increasingly angry and violent.

Enraged, Julia sets out on a mission to find the killer and make him pay. But the influenza pandemic sweeping the country—and the entire world—is closing in on their isolated corner of Ohio, and it’s only a matter of time before it breeches the walls of Mt. Sinai. If Julia has any hope of accomplishing anything, she’ll have to win over her classmates and get their help in her plan.

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BY THE GRACE will be out October 6 under my Sìne Peril pen name.

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