Monday Tarot

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I have a new deck and I’m excited to use it.

This time, I’m doing a general reading for July. Go ahead a pick a stack:

The Lock, The Change, and the Fight.

As always, please remember these readings are just for fun.

Group One: The Lock

The Lock: Release, Motivate, Imagination, Opportunity; 8, Queen, and 5 of spades, Queen of diamonds, and 3 of spades.

The first thing that comes to mind in this spread is that you are stuck in place. The universe is telling you to release toxic situations and people. You have an idea, a dream that has been percolating for a while. It’s within reach, but you’ve been hesitant to reach for it. To you, it seems too far away. But if you take a chance, get moving, and drop of the dead weight, a whole new range of opportunities is going to open up to you. The queens and the three being inverted tell me there is at least one toxic person in your life, someone close to you who has been sabotaging group work, family events, or friendly gatherings. Really examine these relationships. You might feel stable right now because you are surrounded by the familiar, but that is only an illusion.

Group Two: The Change

The Change: Intuition, Helpful, Mindful, Belong; 9 of clubs, 8 of hearts, 8 of diamonds.

This stack is screaming that you need a break. The three yarn cards were drawn as challenge cards, to show what would be difficult for you this month. You are fiercly independent, but you really need to learn to delegate and accept help when it’s offered. Allow yourself to be part of a community; that is the change facing you this month. The number of 8s and 9s that showed up in your flock show that you are almost there; by accepting help, you can reach that goal you’ve been working so hard for this month. It shows a balance between work, finance, and emotion (family/friends). When you let them in, you can achieve miracles. Intuition is your strongest attribute right now; listen to it.

Group Three: The Fight

The Fight: Shadow Self, Challenge, Support, Adventure; 5 of clubs, 2 of diamonds, 2 of hearts.

Have you been having a rough time lately? This grouping shows stress. You come up swinging, reading to face anything head on, but you’re unwilling to accept support. You also might be fighting yourself (the “shadow self”), either grappling with a bad habit, an addiction, or just a bad attitude. Accept that we all have a darker side, and that it can be used to your advantage if you know how to work it.

The five of clubs and the two of diamonds are both inverted, which tells me you are not feeling secure right now, and your employment or finances might be up in the air. You do have a support system, though; don’t be afraid to lean on them and ask for help if you need it.

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