Cat Update

20200622_101712This morning I learned that Gwyd has learned how to open draws. I discovered this when I went into the bathroom and found him sleeping in the bottom drawer of the vanity, hugging the role of toilet paper we’d hidden there. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put a child lock on that drawer, or just let him have it. I’ve already moved the toilet paper.

Gwyd and Bast have been having a ton of fun this week playing with a box. We recently got one of those tall skinny fans that ionizes the air and has all sorts of fancy settings. It came in a box that’s about 8″x8″x3.5′. We opened up both ends and voila, cat tunnel. They’ve been hiding in, racing through it, jumping over it–it is 20200622_101651definitely the new favorite toy in the house. The other day they were having a face off at one end of the box, both crouched and ready to pounce. Gwyd moved to run into the box, but Bast bounced first–landing on top of the box and flattening it. Gwyd looked at me in distress, and I had to straighten the box out and get it back in tunnel shape before he would play again.

Right now we are prepping for his neuter, which is still scheduled for July 1. I’m hoping that once it happens he’ll be a little quieter, and less aggressive when wrestling with Bast. Even aside from the concern about spread FIV, he’s just a little too rough for Bast, and when Bast fights back…well, fights ensue. The other day they were wrestling and Bast decided he wasn’t going to take it any more. I said their names loudly and they both froze, laying on the floor, “hugging.” Gwyd had his back to me, but Bast looked up, the picture of innocence, with Gwyd’s ear in his mouth, like “He started it!”

20200613_205626I swear, cats are fluffy toddlers.

Gwyd is still available for adoption, so if you are looking for a chatty cuddle bug, drop me a line!


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  1. That’s so cute about the fight you disturbed 🙂

    Our dog learnt how to open the bottom drawer of an old unit we had, so we put his toys in it. We got rid of the unit before I’d had chance to train him to put the toys back inside!

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