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Knitting WIPs and FOs

20200618_175129This looks a bit anticlimactic, doesn’t it? I promise, it’ll get more interesting. Eventually this is going to turn into a sock. I swear.

Specifically, it’s going to become the mate to the sock below that I made a couple of months ago, then walked away from so I could finish other stuff that needed to be done on a tighter deadline. 

While it’s been warmer here, me feet are usually cold, and if my feet are cold the rest of me is cold. So I’m back to working on these socks and I’m already planning what my next pair will be.


Another project I knit half of and then walked away from is this pair of gloves I was making for Ash, to replace a pair that was apparently separated when we moved. Since the mate is somewhere in the state of Ohio, a replacement was in order. I knit the first mitt, then once again walked away to concentrate on more pressing projects.

So what was I working on instead of these two projects? 

I have a friend who has been going through a hard time lately, so I started making them a pair of socks. They fought me though, and I had to start over a few times to get the right gauge and make the yarns place nice together. Original it was going to be striped, but I could not get my tension to work, so I ended up doing a solid body with contrasting toes, heels, and cuffs. 

And my last recent project was a simple washcloth, because we are always losing washcloths (seriously, where do they go?).

There are other projects in my queue that I need to get back to, but I want to knock a few of these out first. I finally got the 2nd skein of yarn I needed to finish a sample…but the sample has gone into hiding for some reason, so it looks like I need to clean out my knitting bin. I also got the yarn I needed to finish a sweater, but it’s hard to knit on a sweater when it’s so pretty and summery outside (yes, I know. I was just complaining about being cold. I am made of contradictions). 

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    1. It varies. If I’m knitting primarily on a pair of socks and can put in a decent amount of knitting each day, I can finish in 6 weeks. Usually though it’s 3-6 months. XD


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