Stash Acquisitions

We all need something to do while stuck at home, right?

Prior to the cat fiasco, I had some unexpected money come my way. I ordered some yarn (gasp! Shock!). Some of it I got just because it was pretty, some of it I got because I have personal projects planned for it, and others I got because I have samples planned for it.

Left: Stroll Fingering handpaint in Supernova Right: Muse handpaint in Impulse

The one on the right was purchased to make a class sample for once Quarantine is over. I got it almost all knit up and then realized I didn’t have enough to finish the project, so a second skein is winging it’s way to me as we speak. Or type. Or whatever.

Since it looks like restrictions won’t be lifted on King Country for a while, I’m considering setting up some kind of online knitting courses, but I think I would need a second camera for that. Still trying to work on the logistics. It might be better suited to something like Youtube or Patreon than a live Zoom/Google class.

I got the one on the left to comfort myself because the yarn I really wanted was sold out. XD

These are examples of the custom yarns I mentioned a few days ago. The purple is a non-wool blend I bought tot make something for Ash, which happily will also be a sample for an upcoming pattern. The blue has wool and alpaca in it as well as a gold metallic thread, and is perfect for a Ravenclaw sweater I’ve been planning for YEARS but hadn’t found the right yarn for. They are both house blends from Yarnia. The blue is Astrolabe, a worsted weight, and the purple is Browallia, a sport weight.

Knitpicks Perciosa in Pewter and Shine in Robot.

These lovelies are also from Knitpicks, and are destined to join Astrolabe in my Ravenclaw sweater. At the left, you can see my color comparison. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with movie (blue and silver) or book (blue and bronze) colors (trust me, this is hotly debated topic among Ravenclaws). I like both, but silver tends to be more flattering on me, and I could not find a good bronze yarn in the right weight to save my life. I got both of these yarns because I wasn’t sure how warm/cool the greys would be and how they would compare to the blue and bronzy-gold of the main yarn. I think I’ll use the shine for most of the silver portions of the sweater, but might work the Preciosa into some areas as well.

The one “bronze” I ordered to color match was also from Knitpicks. I ordered two skeins of Comfy pictured below, but it was far too pumpkin-y for my purposes. It’s fine though, because that is exactly the shade of orange Ash loves, and she has already claimed it, asking for a pumpkin-themed beret.

Knitpicks Comfy Worsted in “Copper.”

My next acquisition was not actually one I planned for, but rather a surprise the Baron and Baroness dropped off. It’s a handspun wool worked up by one of their subjects. As the Baroness put it, she “doesn’t fiber well,” so she passed it on to me, knowing it would give it a loving home where it would be fed twice a day and get lots of cuddles.

It’s normal to cuddle your yarn, right? Right.

Mystery handspun.
Tsuki Mountain Fibers in Guardian

My last purchase was this lovely skein of sparkly sock yarn from Tsuki Mountain Fibers. I’ve been drooling over this skein for months and finally caved a few weeks ago. It’s even more glorious in person; photographs really don’t do it justice. I’ve been knitting a lot of things for other people lately, and this is going to be a pair of socks for me. ME, you hear me? It’s all MINE!


I think that might be enough yarn to get me through quarantine, provided it doesn’t extend into the fall.