Cat Update

Gwyd is settling in. He’s affectionate, but not a snuggler. The boy loves his ear rubs, though, and will go completely boneless at the slightest hint of scritches.

He and Bast have been playing together. They chase each other and wrestle, but are still learning what the boundaries are. We separate them at the first sign of aggression from either of them. They’ve also been grooming each other, which is just the sweetest thing to watch.

One thing that has been causing tension is the fact that Gwyd needed a higher calorie food because he was so skinny. When just plain wet food didn’t do the trick, we also added in kitten kibble.

Bast, who has never been food motivated in the slightest unless there was tuna on offer, has been going to great lengths to get his paws on Gwyd’s food, so Gwyd has to be shut in the bathroom at meal times and his bowl put in a locked cabinet when not in use. We actually had to get child locks for our bathroom because Bast started opening drawers and cabinets and climbing inside to steal any uneaten food. As a result, Bast is a bit…fluffier than usual.

Hermes, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. He generally avoids other pets (even Bast) and only likes one and a half people. My bed is firmly in Hermes’ territory. Other cats are not allowed on it, though Bast is tollerated if he keeps his distance. Intruders are treated to his best Dracula impression and much hissing and puffing out ensues. Unless Gwyd gets closer (which he does, either because he’s oblivious or fearless, I haven’t decided which) and then Hermes invariably runs away. He talks a good game, but he’s a coward when you get to the heart of it.

Gwyd, meanwhile, is not aggressive unless his food is involved. The Starvation Times are still strong in his mind, so he’s quite protective of his dish and very firm on when meal times are.

Gwyd learned that laps are good this week.

It baffles me that someone would dump this sweet boy, and we are fairly certain at this juncture that he was dumped and didn’t just run away. We suspect he was either adopted young or born to a breeder, possibly when one of their cats got out and mated with a stray. They kept him long enough to socialize him and harness train him, but when his SNAP test came back FIV+ they decided it wasn’t worth keeping him–or the expense of a neuter. He’s honestly dog-like in how social he is, so there might be a bit of Maine Coon in there somewhere–this could also explain his GIANT paws, large ears, and long tail. At one year old, he’s already taller and longer than Hermes or Bast, and may or may not still be growing, though growth may have been halted by lack of nutrition. We’re still waiting to see if he has a spurt.

Bast still clearly misses Morrigan. He tries to treat Gwyd like Morrigan, but that doesn’t always work. He’s learning how to act around other cats.

There’s been no sign of our void sprite in several weeks, but we hold out hope that she will find her way back home.

If you are interested in adopting Gwydion, please contact me at KnotMagickKnitter (at) gmail.

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