Pattern Diving: Dru Faust

One of my favorite things to do is figure out what my characters would wear. Even better when I can dig through the pattern library on Ravelry for historically inspired knits. All links lead back to Ravelry. All images come from their respective pattern pages and are property of the original owners.


1920s Cloche by Helen Ardley.

Practical to a fault, Dru would love the simplicity and practicality of this turban inspired cloche, especially in bright colors.


1920s Melbourne Cloche by Swan Avenue

As soon as saw this hat, I knew Alex would be the one to wear it. She’d love the sporty brim and slight a-symetry.


Fitted Waistcoat by Franklin Habit

Like his sister, Archie is drawn to flair. He likes bold and unique, which means the tapestry style pattern on this waistcoat is exactly what he would want for a night out–or an evening in, for that matter.


The Prince of Wales Jersey by Michael Pearson

More traditional than his friends and more concerned with social norms, George would wear this replica of the Prince of Wales vest, which was enormously popular in the 1920s and sparked an international craze for fair isle knitting.


1920s Cloche Hat by Melanie Thomassian

Liza has had a pretty strict upbringing, and doesn’t get much chance to wear nice things outside of church. I can easily see this hat being a favorite of hers, especially in pink or lavender.


1920s Sport Suit by The McCall Pattern Company

This original 1923 pattern is exactly the sort of thing Rose would wear when she had to leave the house. Having suffered harassment and death threats, she uses respectability–and therefore clothing–as a shield.

Mrs. Faust

With the New Cowl Neckline by Susan Crawford

This historic pattern has been updated to use contemporary knitting terminology but comes from a period pattern book and dates from 1932. Make the was a little lower, though, and it’s perfect for 1923. When she isn’t in uniform, Mrs. Faust revels in femininity and takes ever chance for lace and frills–mostly because she’s sick of navy blue wool suits!

Dr. Faust

210-211-45 Waistcoat by Pierrot Yarns

Compared to the other gentlemen in this post, Dr. Faust seems pretty boring, but I prefer to think of him as both classy and unassuming.

Also, this dark grey waistcoat hides the stuff he’s always spilling on himself in the lab, and cigarette ash.

Honorable Mentions:

Phryne’s Favorite Cloche by Sheena Pennell

1920s Inspired by Sue Ann Bishop

Day at the Races by Susan Crawford

Knit these Slimline Undies by Susan Crawford

Schiaparelli Bowknot Sweater by Lisa Stockebrand

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