The KnotMagick Studios Web Shop is Now Open!

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That’s right! Thanks to everyone’s support (and a little help from my tax refund) there is now an online shop right here on where you can buy my books directly!

Kindle versions of all my books are now available to purchase directly if you click on the Shop tab above. If you would like a different file format, just let me know in the Paypal notes to seller. Right now all files are delivered BY EMAIL ATTACHMENT. Alas, my current WordPress membership doesn’t allow for the direct download of electronic files, but I’m hoping to make that happen at some point in the next year or so. Pattern downloads should still be direct, as those are routed through Ravelry.

As always, you can also find a selection of my knitting and crochet patterns on the same page. I currently don’t have any stock of paperbacks, but those are still available on my Amazon pages. Do check back because I will be adding more things as they become available, including merch, handmade items, and more.

This change means I will be phasing out my Etsy store; I will no longer be renewing items that are for sale there. Etsy and I have a long and storied history, and I will be happy to let that shop go once and for all.

Why order directly from me, when Amazon is more convenient? Without getting into the ethics of how they treat their employees (which isn’t great), basically it boils down to this: I make more money when readers buy from me directly. Yes, WordPress and Paypal still take their cuts. But it’s still more than I was making through Etsy, and more than I get through Amazon. When I make more money, it means I can do things like upgrade the website, increase charitable donations, attend more conventions and events (provided there isn’t a global pandemic happening) and above all, write more books on a faster turn around. It means I can dedicate more time to editorial services and classes.

So I hope you’ll join me in raising a glass to this milestone. I look forward to what this change brings.

Like what you see? Check out my new shop!