A Void


If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter, then you might have some idea of just how hard the last week and a half have been.

On the 25th, just before dinner time, Morrigan, who had never before shown any interest in the outdoors other than stalking squirrels through the window, forced her way out the back door in the brief second it was open.

She was spotted once by a neighbor on Friday night, but otherwise we’ve not seen so much as a whisker since.

We have tried everything (yes, even that. Also that. Yep, we did that, too). From calling shelters and vets, stalking lost pet websites, posting on all the social medias (even ones we didn’t have before), putting up fliers, sitting by the spot she was last seen at night in the rain with food and her favorite toy…Everything.

The fact that Washington is on lockdown right now, and the fact that we’ve had pouring rain, have not helped. We borrowed a trap from a friend of a friend, but so far all we’ve caught is a cat that wasn’t ours and one very angry raccoon.


If possible, I think Bast is even more upset than we are. He and Morrigan are a bonded pair. He wears himself out pawing at the back door and crying. He’s learned to walk on a leash and we’ve taken him out almost daily, both to see if he could draw her out and also to leave a scent trail to lead her home.

Ash and I are both heartbroken. We aren’t ready to give up on her, but we don’t know what to do other than try to go back to normal at this point and hope she shows up on her own. Eventually, the trap has to go back to its owner and we have to stop setting out wet food, because the raccoons out here are the size of Huskies and we can’t have them hanging around.

So if you’re in the area, try keeping an eye out for our baby girl. And if not…send us some good vibes. The worst part is that Morrigan is the type who hunkers down like the apocalypse is coming when she’s scared. When we adopted her she got lost in our basement for 3 days and wouldn’t come out for food because she was so scared. We are certain she is hiding somewhere, hungry, cold, and thirsty, waiting for us to find her, but there are so many place she could be, just in our apartment complex.


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  1. Hope Morrigan comes back. I’ve heard of pets coming back home when least expected. Perhaps the rain is not helping and she’s waiting for a sunny day, as the cats I’ve had loved to avoid any kind of wet.


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