Check in, with Cats

I hop you are all staying well. So far, despite essentially being at Ground Zero, we are okay. Ash and I have been isolating as much as possible, but we are still both expected to go into work for the time being.

20200309_195134I spent the weekend sewing and knitting, and you’ll see some of what I was working on this week and next. But let’s be honest–most of my time was spent with the cats.

Hermes has been glued to my side when I’ve been home. Here he is, pretending he doesn’t want affection. Note the little paws pressed to my arm to get my attention.


Meanwhile, Bast is so used to spending time like this:

Yes, he is inside my sweater. This is probably why my entire wardrobe is covered in fur.

That he has an existential crisis when he’s not getting any kind of love.


Morrigan, at least, is completely unbothered. Here she is comforting Bast with some joint nap-cuddles, and inspecting my knitwear (More on that next week).


If nothing else, they keep us entertained.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and please don’t hoard the TP and hand sanitizer.

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  1. Stay safe.
    Isolation and extra precautions during any social interactions is key to not contracting any respiratory illness, and this one is especially dangerous in many ways.

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