Sunday Tarot

It has been a WEEK at Chez Knotmagick. I’ve basically taken the last two days off from the universe due to mental health issues. So, please forgive me for only doing a single, general spread this week.

I brought out the cheerful cards for this one, because I really needed it. Please keep in mind that because this is general, not everything will apply to you (as an individual). And also keep in mind that these readings are just for fun–I’m not a professional, I just like finding stories in pretty pictures.


The questions I asked this week were, “What messages does Spirit have?” and “What is in store for my readers this week?”


Let’s start with the Clow cards: The Lock, The Change, and The Fight. To me, it’s a pretty clear message: Something in your life is blocked. It’s going to take a drastic change of direction to free it up, but even then the work isn’t done. This is a problem or issue that is going to require perseverance and determination.

Moving on to the forecast for the week, I pulled out my unicorn deck for this one.


The 6 and 5 of spades harken right back to that change card: the hand of fate is stepping in and moving you in a new direction. This could be a physical move, a new job, or a new relationship. It might seem frightening, but this is putting you on the path to where you’re meant to be.

The king of hearts is someone with a lot of influence over your life; a mentor, someone who is romantic and caring. If the path you are on feels dark, turn to this person for guidance.

Lastly, the 3 of diamonds suggests that conflicts could arise regarding money. 3s are cards that indicate teamwork, the universe’s version of a “group project.” Mercury is in retrograde until March 16, so make sure you are communicating clearly and have patience with coworkers or family members.

And as always, Bast supervises all transactions. Maybe try channeling his energy and guard your personal ledger this week.

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