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Giving the Boot

…A new set of boot toppers.

I love my boots. But I have a weird thing, especially with my knee high boots–I hate the sound the zipper pull makes when I walk. I’m also a bit knock-kneed, so sometimes they rub together.

Enter a pair of neutral boot cuffs.

20200201_124137I knit these using some random leftovers I had laying around: a partial ball of Schoeller & Stahl cotton mix in black, a ball of the same yarn in grey, and then a ball of Knitpicks Swish Worsted in black held double. The great thing about boot cuffs is that for the ribbed portion, I can use whatever yarn I want as long as it’s the right weight–no one is going to see it. Altogether it takes about 150g of worsted to aran weight yarn.

The cotton yarn I got for $1/ball at the local yarn shop. I used the leftover black for the ribbing on the inside of the boot just because I have a sensitivity to lanolin, and the Swish isn’t as soft as I would have like (I got this ball randomly to test the yarn for something else, but it’s far too coarse for me to wear it on anything touching my skin. I am a delicate flower).

The best part is that little bit of curling? it goes away once they are stretched over my boots.

I have been wearing them every time I wear my tall boots, and they are so great. With my, ahem, shapely calves, it’s very hard for me to find anything that fits properly around the knee, be it boot cuffs, boots, or knee high socks.



If you are interested in the pattern for these boot toppers, they are available as a free download for my patrons, and are up in my Ravelry and Etsy stores for $.99.

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