Blackcurrants and Lavender

You know when you get or make a Brand New Thing, and it’s perfect and you love it and you use it all the time, and then gnomes run off with it in the night, probably because they saw your love for the Brand New Thing and want it for themselves? Or possibly just to spite you?

Yeah, that.

RIP, favorite hat.

Back in November I made myself a lovely slouchy hat that I loved, using my Super Special yarn that I got in Montreal, back when I was an intern and living in the city. It’s all my favorite colors spun up together in a custom blend. I’ve been slowly savoring this yarn since 2007, and the hat was perfect. I loved it. I wore it at least 3-4 times a week.

I left it in Seattle when I went home for Christmas, and apparently the that was when the gnomes saw their chance, because I haven’t been able to find it since I got back, no matter how many times I tear apart our flat, re-organize my wardrobe, or dig through my storage bins. I had it when I was packing the day before. I remember setting it aside because it didn’t match the color pallet I was packing. And then it was gone.

It’s been driving me nuts since I got back because I wear it all the time. So I finally caved this week and cast on for another one, figuring that if I took the time to knit a new hat, then surely the old one would show up. Gnomes just can’t stand it when there’s a duplicate of the thing they’ve stolen (unless that item is part of a pair, like socks or gloves).

I might be a bit sappy about having a hat that matches my mom’s sweater. 

The new hat is made from Knitpicks Shine Worsted in the color Serenade. The lavender is leftover yarn from the Missing You sweater. I know I have a label for that stuff floating around somewhere, but like the hat, it hasn’t turned up yet.

I used the same pattern as the original hat, but scaled it up because I switched from fingering weight yarn to worsted. The proportions are the same, even if the stitch count is different. If you want to make your own, that pattern will be coming…soonish. It will be available to my Patrons first, and then coming to this site, Ravelry, and my etsy store at some point after that.

My one complaint is that the Shine, being that it is a plant-based yarn, doesn’t have any elasticity to speak of, so the brim is rather loose. I cinched it in just a bit when I wove in the ends, but I think I might add a little elastic later. We’ll see. I haven’t decided yet, since this is my first day wearing it.

And if you were wondering, no, the gnomes still haven’t returned the blue hat. Maybe this one is just a bit too different, and I should try again?

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