Sunday Tarot with Bonus Blooper Reel

20200117_190441Happy Sunday! We’re starting off the week with another fun reading and a new deck! I’m trying out the Halloween Oracle for the first time this week (yes, I know, it’s January. I don’t care) so I thought I’d do a bit of a themed spread for the upcoming week.

And remember, these readings are just for fun!

The groups this week are Kindred Spirits, Love, and Trust.


There’s a relationship on your mind this week, between the Kindred Spirits card and the Vampire. The caption on the Vampire card reads “Emotional Intelligence.” At it’s best, this is a symbiotic relationship, in which the two of you balance each other out and feed off of each other’s best qualities. At it’s worse, it’s a toxic, codependent relationship in which one of you is an “energy vampire,” someone who takes more than they give. What kind of relationship are you in? Is it balanced and nurturing, or is it harmful to one or both of you? It may not have revealed itself yet as the third card, The Veil, is “The future.”

Looking to your week ahead, the 6 and 8 of clubs indicate that your intuition is on point this week; follow your gut and make sure to communicate clearly to avoid confusion or arguments in your relationships.

Something unexpected is coming midweek; this could be a an opportunity you weren’t prepared for, or it could be some kind of news from left field that throws you for a loop. It might also come with either an unplanned expense, or some bad advice with the king and 9 of diamonds. Make sure you’re listening to that intuition to avoid falling into a trap.


With Love, Barmbrack, and the Black Cat describing you this week, now might be a good time to try a lotto ticket–just saying! Barmbrack is similar to King’s Cake, it’s a traditional Irish fortune telling loaf with different tokens baked into it to signify the year ahead. Basically, you got the ring and the coin this time around, so things are looking good for you!

This week starts off with a big decision at work. The five of diamonds and the six of hearts indicate that this will lead to financial stability and harmony in your working relationships, so don’t be too worried. The 10 of hears is fulfillment and self love, a peaceful home life. And last of all is the queen of clubs, a charming person in a position of authority. Is that you? Your new boss? Keep an eye out!


Lastly this week, we have the Trust group. The cards describing you are Death (The eternal cycle begins here) and Werewolf (Exploring wildness). You’re ready for a change of some kind, longing for it. But which direction will it take you in?

Change is sometimes painful, even if we know it will lead to the best possible outcome, and it’s going to hit your home life first, possibly with the end of a relationship, or you or someone else moving out. This is followed up by two inverted 4s; 4 is the number of stability in tarot, so expect things to literally be upside down for a while. Spades is the workplace, and diamonds is finances. If you’re changing positions or employers, it might be rough going this week.

This change is going to open up a lot of creativity for you, though. You’re already seeing the possibilities and the opportunities you’ll be able to take. Hang on to that, particularly in the face of naysayers, and there will be quite a few. One in particular might be someone that you look up to (the queen of diamonds). But stick to your guns; you know where your heart is trying to take you.


In setting up pictures for this week, I got photobombed. There are two different types of cats in this world…


Morrigan immediately planted herself behind my decks and started posing. I have quite a few pictures of her looking adorable back there, because she was not inclined to move. She knows her aesthetic! We even had the black cat card show up this week. Maybe that was her doing?


…And then there was Hermes, who plunked himself down, wouldn’t look at the camera (he’s actually looking at Morrigan in this shot; she came to give him modeling tips, which he did not appreciate), and knocked over half my props.

Sigh. Cats, man.

Decks used:
The Vintage Oracle
The Halloween Oracle
Ouiji Mystifying Oracle playing cards

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