2020 Charity

In 2019, you, my readers, voted to support The Navajo Water Project, to which I donated 5% of my profits from books and patterns.

Well, it’s a new year, and it’s time to choose a new charity. We can, of course, continue to support NWP, which I have no issues with, but I want to leave the decision up to you guys, since you’re the ones that make this possible in the first place.

Below you’ll find a list of charities I’ve curated, as well as a link to a tweet in which you can vote for your favorite.

The Navajo Water Project
Our 2019 winner, the NWP provides electricity and running water to some of America’s most marginalized citizens. At least 40% of reservation residents have limited or no access to clean running water, electricity, emergency medical services, garbage collection, hospitals, or even grocery stores. Due to the success of the project in New Mexico since 2014, it has now spread to Utah and Arizona and includes outreach to other Native communities.

In a time when our rights and freedoms are under increasing threat, the ACLU has been a bastion of support for those suffering from discrimination in all forms regardless of age, race, religion, economic status, sexual orientation or identity.

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins san Frontieres
One of my personal favorite charities, DWP/MSF provides medical care around the world for victims of natural disasters as well as man-made horrors.

Mary’s Place
This Seattle based homeless shelter focuses on women and families, regardless of religious affiliation or LGBT+ status, helping the undeserved in our community get back on their feet.

If you have questions or want to suggest another charity for future votes, feel free to leave a comment below! To cast your vote, click here.