The ABC Game

Swiped this from elsewhere, and thought it might be a fun start to the new year. Feel free to add your own answers!

A – Age: Inconsequential

B – Bed Size: Full

C – Collections: flamingos, yarn, books,

D – Dogs Name: None. 😦

E – Essential Start of the Day item: My medication

F – Favorite Colour: turquoise/teal

G – Gold or Silver: silver

H – House: I live in a tiny apartment. Houses are too much work.

I – Instruments you play: I used to play flute and attempted to learn piano (I can still play Ode to Joy from memory). Also guitar and harmonica and of course the requisite recorder lessons in elementary school. I was horrible at all of them.

J – Job: writer, designer, office admin

K – Kittens: I have 3: Hermes, Bast and Morrigan.

L – Living Arrangements: Me, my cats, and my non-bilogical sister/platonic life partner, Ash.

M – Music You Love: Everything but rap and hip hop, though I do make exceptions for some artists. I mostly listen to rock, pop, and classical.

N – Nicknames: My pen names (Sine and Sophia). I was called Kitty in high school and my grandpa used to call me doodlebug.

O – Overnight Hospital Stay: not since I was born. *knocks on wood*

P – Pet Peeve: people who interrupt or talk over me when I’m speaking.

Q – Quote from a Movie – “We need something…sturdy.” “Like a lobster!” “Do we have a lobster door? No. We have a dog door.”

R – Right handed or Left: Right

S – Siblings: Only the furry kind (my parents have 2 black lab mixes and a cat).

T – Time you wake up: far too early for my liking.

U – Umbrella: Never there when I need it and usually broken when it is.

V – Vegetables you dislike: Okra, zucchini, and most squash. Canned green beans (fresh are okay, though).

W – Wishlist: To be able to work from home full time and pay the bills without fear.

X – X-Rays You’ve had: dental, lungs (pneumonia), a hairline fracture in my ankle that didn’t even show up until they did…Is it a CT or an MRI? Also I had to have my back xrayed after a muscle spasm pulled my spine off center and twisted it 45 degrees. Yes, that fucking hurt. No, I did not make that up. Yes, it is physically possible. I lived it.

Y – Yarn: Malibrigo, Mad Tosh, and any MCN I can get my hands on.

Z- Zigzagging between projects: Sometimes. The more stressed I am the harder it is to focus.

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