Giftmas Knitting I

Several years ago I made it a rule not to knit for Christmas.

I then proceeded to break that rule…pretty much every year since.


20191201_153302This year, with the cross country move, there is pretty much no money for buying gifts, and anyway they are difficult to get back to Ohio with current constraints on luggage by the many airlines that already charge extra to get to Columbus. I’m only doing presents for five people: Ash, my parents, and 2 friends who have been HUGE helps to us since we moved here.

This is a bit of a problem, since Christmas is fast approaching and I have finished…one project.

I started this before we even moved, and I knew almost as soon as I cast it on that it needed to go to my mom, as her favorite color is purple.

The yarn is something of a mystery–I inherited it from another knitter some years ago and all I know is that it’s a superwash merino blend and I still have enough leftover that I could probably make another sweater.

20191201_153249I didn’t use a pattern. I’ve been really into raglan style top down knits ever since making my mermaid top last year…which I apparently never posted to the blog (link goes to the Ravelry page).

My mom and I have roughly the same build, but she’s three inches shorter and has a higher waist than I do, so I tried to design something that would be flattering on her. The cables/ribbing pull it in at the waist while the seed stitch hem allows it to flare out a little over the hips, rather than tucking in at awkward places.

I am concerned about the fit as it’s a wee bit snug on me and we usually wear the same size–but that’s in ready to wear garments, that are not as customized. I’m bringing an extra ball of yarn with me just in case I need to add some length to the sleeves though.


My mom and I are super close, and it was very hard for me to leave her in Ohio even though I knew that moving to Seattle was what was best for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her horribly.



Since many have asked, the label came from, though at the time of this writing they were out of stock.

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