Sunday Tarot

I have been insanely busy this week guys. I was sick for most of last week, so there was a lot of catch up to do at work. I’m doing a bit of an abbreviated spread this time.

This go around, I did one reading for all of my readers–a very basic, generic one. This week you are bringing the energy of the “New Beginnings” and “Choice” cards with you. You are ready to make a change, however small. Have you hit your “screw it” moment? Signs point to yes.

Further supporting this, We’ve got the King and the 2 of clubs, and the Ace of spades. The king is a passionate person with a lot of experience in his field. Paired with the 2, this makes me think that some sort of partnership is in your future, some kind of networking or mentoring opportunity. This is a person who can guide and instruct, but also might be a partner rather than a superior. They’re someone whose guidance and advice you rely on.

Aces symbolize new beginnings, and spades represent the physical domain, the actual space that you live and work in. So this partnership is strongly tied not just to passion and creativity, but also to your home or office, the buildings and geographic spaces you inhabit. You might be changing offices to work with this person, or inviting them into your space. You might even be moving to another city to take advantage of this opportunity.

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