Sunday Tarot

Hello! Thanks for joining me. This week I thought I’d do a little something different for our tarot reading and try to get a forecast for the new year.

Below you’ll see four cards. Pick the one that resonates most for you and scroll down to that reading. And remember, this is all just for fun!


The Float

20191130_182943.jpgTo start off with, we’re looking at the strengths you’re bringing with you into 2020: Gentleness, and Dreams. While you might strike some people as flighty, you’re actually quite driven–but not the sort to step on others in your quest to achieve your goals. You just keep reaching for the stars.

Our first row of cards, the ouiji deck, is a message from your spirit guides/guardian angels/ancestors/ whatever name you choose to give them. 2020 is going to provide you with a lot of big decisions, especially where work and finance are concerned. This might be the chance to start a new job, or to focus more on whatever your side-hussle is. But right there in the center of it is a partnership, and the thing that’s going to make it all work is communication with this person. Whatever you decide, don’t keep them in the dark.


The second row with the flamingos represents your “flock,” your home, family and friends. 2020 is going to start out rosey, with everything cozy and in order. You might find yourself craving more, but keep in mind that could lead to instability, not just at home but also financially. If a relationship turns out to be toxic however, or it’s no longer serving you, then it’s time to let it go, even if there are consequences.

Lastly, we have the overall energy for 2020. Early in the year it feels like your goals are just within reach. Keep going and you’ll have them within your grasp.

Keep an eye on your budget, especially early in the year. There could be some sort of financial loss, or a big decision with big repercussions. You’ll need to lean on family and friends to get through this one, whether it’s just moral support or a need for physical or financial support.

The Storm

20191130_182807.jpgThe strengths you are taking with you into 2020 are Love and Centering. You’re a very stable person with a good friend/family group around you to add additional support. You’re very willing to care for others in need, and this in turn makes other willing to care for you.

Moving on to the ouiji deck, these cards contain a message from your spirit guides/guardian angels/ancestors. All three of these cards are inverted, and I take them as a warning. Someone in your inner circle in untrustworthy and will cause strife and discord if they are not rooted out early. You are naturally a trusting person, so this might be difficult for you, but there is someone close to you that should not receive your confidence. They are someone who shares your secrets and talks behind your back.


Next, we’ll look at your “flock,” your home and family in 2020. Communication should be your focus in the coming year, making it as clear and precise as possible to avoid any confusion. It looks like one of your relationships will be coming to an end this year, but another relationship, possibly with a father figure, will be strengthened.

Lastly, we have your overall energy for the year. The 5 & 6 of clubs indicate that you need to listen to your intuition because it is right. It’s also time to make some kind of change. This could be as simple as mixing something up in your routine, or it might be something bigger, like changing jobs or ending a relationship that has become stale or toxic. This is further supported by the 8 of spades and the joker. The 8 points to a change in the workplace, and the joker is similar to The Fool in traditional tarot. It symbolizes a leap of faith.  Is there a personal or side project you’ve been wanting to start? A book you want to write, a website you want to start? Look at making it a reality in 2020.

Your last card is the 6 of hearts which sums up your year ending: peace and harmony. While there are some challenges ahead, keep referring to your strength and your intuition. They won’t steer you wrong.

The Snow


The strengths you will carry with you into the new year are Divine Timing and Choice. Know that everything happens for a reason, in it’s own time. If it feels like something is taking too long, like you’ve missed your chance–know that there is a reason. That there are things you are meant to learn from the experience.

Your future is in your hands. Whether you go left or right, the choice is up to you. Only you control your destiny.


Moving on, we have messages from your guides/guardians/ancestors/angels. There’s something unfinished or unresolved in your life, and this could lead to instability or uncertainty in 2020. This thing needs to be resolved before you can move forward, whether it’s a relationship, an outstanding project, or something with your job. Start 2020 with a clean slate if at all possible.

The flamingo cards represent your “flock” or your family and friends. Things look fairly stable, but somewhat stressful. Something unexpected is coming into your family circle. The ace indicates a new beginning, and some sort of creative endeavor, but with the three this might not be something that comes easy to you. It might be a skill that requires more practice than you are used to, or there might be some kind of outside influence making it more difficult to work on this project than you expected. Be patient, however. It will be worth it in the end.

Lastly, your overall energy for 2020: Partnerships/teamwork are going to be huge for you this year, as indicated by the two of hearts and three of diamonds. The 2 of hearts usually indicates a romantic partnership, while the three is usually some sort of team. Be aware that when there are three cooks in the kitchen, tension is bound to follow. Make sure to communicate clearly and uphold your personal boundaries.

Socialization is going to be huge for you this year. The 8 of hearts is a networking card, and on either side is the king and queen of hearts. When I see these cards together I think of them as parental units, a mother and father figure. Family is definitely going to be huge for you in 2020.

The Voice


The strengths you’ll be taking with you into the new year are Guardian Angel and New Beginnings. You’ve shed something that didn’t serve you, be it a toxic relationship or job, or simply a situation you’ve outgrown, mentally and emotionally. You care for others and that care is then returned to you in kind.

Our first row of cards is messages from your spirit guides/guardian angels/ancestors. The 10 of clubs indicates you still have some work to do before you reach your goal, but the 6 shows that your intuition is leading you in the right direction. Keep working and you’ll get there. The Jack of diamonds might be someone who is standing in your way. Evaluate the situation objectively before moving forward.

As to your “flock,” your family and relationships: Something is coming to an end in 2020, some sort of partnership. This could be a professional or working relationship, or something closer to your heart. Either way, it’s a relationship that won’t serve you in the future and while it may hurt, it’s time to let go. There is something new on the horizon, someone more reliable waiting to take their place.


And last, we have your overall energy for 2020. The 7 of hearts further illustrates that the partnership about to end is one close to you, with more emotional ties than professional. But you are already set to move forward, with new beginnings in your relationships and in your career. The Joker represents a leap of faith. Have confidence in yourself moving forward. Regardless of the status of this relationship, you are not alone. The 6 of spades means that fate has a hand in this; trust in yourself, your abilities, and those closest to you and you’ll get through just fine.

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