Sunday Tarot

Sunday Tarot is a new feature on the blog, just a fun little reading I like to do every week. Remember, these are just for entertainment purposes.

Below you’ll find three stacks of cards. Pick the one that resonates most for you.

The Dream

20191130_180920I’ve always found the Dream card a little foreboding, maybe because of her mask, or maybe because it’s a scary powerful card that did some not so nice things when it first showed up.

At the same time, however, it bears a strong resemblance to a good friend of mine, T, who is about as bright and cheerful as they come. It just shows that like most things, dreams can be good or bad, light or dark.

Based on your oracle cards (Purity, Thought, and Faith), I would say you’re on the lighter end of that spectrum, but probably also very quiet and subdued. You’re a spiritual, reflective person, drawn to nature and solo pursuits. 20191130_181211.jpg

In the coming week, pay attention to who you are in contact with. There are a lot of reversed face cards in this spread, so it could be that familiar faces are showing their negative sides. Have patience in dealing with these people. Parental or mentor figures in particular might be short tempered.

Fittingly, it looks like you’re wrapping up a project early in the week–A nanowrimo novel, perhaps? Let it sit and cool down before you go back to it to make any changes. I’m not saying that as a tarot reader–I’m saying it as a writer!

Midweek is when those tempers will likely flare, but you should have at least one person on your side, probably in the workplace. This person may provide business advice when a conflict arises at work.

Also, make sure you don’t overdo the holiday shopping. the inverted five of diamonds shows you budget might be tighter than usual by Friday. But at the end of the week an opportunity comes up that will require a leap of faith. Think carefully, but it could give the week a positive ending.


The Sand

20191130_180913The Sand is a very changeable card. It can be threatening, but also very soft and warm.

Your oracle cards of Protection, Hope, and Healing make me thing that you also embody these traits: fiercely protective, caring, and loyal, but with a sunny disposition. I can see you recharging on a beach somewhere in a big hat and sunglasses. In fact, you might be craving something of a break right now. Make sure to take time to refill your cup before you try to take care of anyone else. I’m seeing a lot of emotional/water energy in your spread, despite Sand being an earth card. This could be because you’re a normally very grounded or fixed sign that is going through a rough patch and thus more emotional, or you could be a water sign that is just generally more subdued by nature. Either way, I’m seeing a lot of emotional ups and downs this week, so make sure to take time out for yourself when necessary.


Early in the week you might have a disagreement with someone close to you, a female relation or partner. I don’t think it’s anything too serious, but remember to take a step back to center yourself. It will blow over soon enough–the two of hearts represents a strong partnership, so you’ll be back on the same page in no time.

Midweek you’ll be out and about socializing. This might be through work, or it might be just a group of friends. Either way, a good business opportunity may come up. Keep an eye out for it. It could lead to a prosperous new beginning.

The end of the week, however, I can see your energy running out. Both the ten and the Jack of hearts are inverted, which tells me that something has slipped through the cracks this week, possibly an appointment with a friend or something of the sort, and they’re feeling resentful and let down. 20191130_181027.jpg

The Wood

20191130_180926The Wood is one of the strongest elemental cards in this deck, but also one of the most beautiful. You’re stable and grounded, but hide great strength and tenacity behind that placid exterior.

I honestly don’t think I could choose a better trio of oracle cards to describe your temperament: Balance, Discernment, and Patience. You are willing to wait years for your goals to bear fruit, and you’re the type of person friends and family–and sometimes strangers–flock to for advice or just for a shoulder to cry on.




The week starts off with some sort of windfall; something positive you weren’t expecting has just landed in your lap. Whatever this good news is, it’s going to influence an upcoming decision. You have some kind of choice to make early in the week.

Midweek, things are humming along. You’ve got a great partnership in the workplace or in one of your creative spheres, and the ideas just keep coming. Now might also be the time to start the project of your heart that you’ve been putting off, or there might be a new person who pops up romantically. Either way, your soul is going to get some kind of satisfaction from the outcome and leave you craving more. Don’t go too fast, though. The inverted 9 of diamonds reminds us to show a little caution rather than diving in headlong. I don’t think I need to tell you that, though, considering how grounded you are!

To wrap up the week, see guidance from a mentor because a major change is coming, particularly  in the realm of home and family. It might feel like a lot to handle, but keep the people you love and respect close at hand and they’ll provide you with the direction you can’t find on your own.


Thanks for reading! I have something special planned for next week, so I hope you’ll stop by again for another Sunday Tarot!

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