One thing indie authors frequently have to do is create multiple revenue streams. One thing I’ve been toying with is a Patreon or other subscriber based platform. I had had one for a while but it was an epic failure for many reasons, not the least of which being that I had no idea what I was doing at the time and was overly ambitious.

With that in mind, I’m proposing a scaled back version, and would like some input from you, dear reader.

I currently have 2 different levels in mind for subscribers.

$1–access to weekly 1st draft chapters of works in progress, so you can see how I develop stories. These would be somewhat rough, but you’ll be able to see where I start and how things change from beginning to publication. Subscribers would also have 1st access to Would This Kill Me in the 1800s blogs, about one per month, and exclusive discount codes.

TBD–The second level would be somewhere between $3-$10. These subscribers would have all the benefits of the $1 level, but would also get access to semi-regular polls to help choose character names, book and chapter titles, and even plot points. They would also get discount codes, for a higher percentage off than the $1 level.

Other perks I have in mind would be special edition ebooks, and making ebook editions available a week or two before the public release.

My questions for you:

Would you be interested in a subscription service?

Do you think the prices listed are reasonable?

Are there other perks you would prefer?

Are the perks listed enticing?

What price would you like to see for the 2nd tier?

Should the pre-release books be available to 2nd tier subscribers, or should a 3rd tier be created (say, a $3 and $10 tier)?