I feel like all I’ve done so far this year is appologize to everyone for slowing down, stepping back and taking a break, but I have to do it again.

If you’ve been following my twitter feed for the past few weeks, then you might know what’s coming: we’re moving from Ohio to Seattle over Labor Day.

I won’t be leaving my current job until the 23rd, and we have to reduce our “stuff” to the bare minimum, which itself is a full time job of sorting, packing, posting, and shipping.

Posts around here will be sporadic at best until probably mid September at least, but I’ll still be updating my review blog, if you need something to tide you over in the mean time. And of course, I can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @knotmagick.

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2 thoughts on “Break”

  1. Everyone deserves a break; Especially for a move. We moved 2 years ago and are still unsettled. Washington is a very beautiful place. Seattle is a very wonderful city. It has its rainy spells, but the rest of the weather makes up for the rain. Besides rain is relaxing.

    Best wishes for your move.

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