I’m back!

20190628_125017The trip was wonderful, if exhausting. I drove down with my mom, since she’s always wanted to see the city. Google told us it would be 10 hours, but it ended up being 15 after traffic. I was dead tired by the time we got to our hotel. The only thing sustaining me the last two hours was the occasional sight of a palm tree, and far too much chocolate.

While the trip itself was for a writing workshop, that didn’t start until mid afternoon on Friday, so we had Friday morning to explore. We trekked all over, even taking advantage of the free DASH bus system that runs through the historic district (seriously, it’s a life saver if you ever visit. I highly recommend taking public transit and not renting/driving a car if you can at all avoid it.

Alas, our morning was spoiled. We’d failed to calculate just how expensive the city was. All of the tours we wanted to go on were at least double what we thought they would be. The one thing I’d been looking forward to–visiting Fort Sumpter on the anniversary of the start of the Civil War–ended up being outside our budget due to the $26/person ferry ride to the island. But at least I got to see it from the shoreline?


Of course, because it was me, I ended up tripping and twisting my knee right about that time. It just kind of figures that I’d plan a vacation with a bunching of walking and then not be able to walk.

20190628_203429.jpgThe workshop I came down for was called Ghosts, Haunts, and Haints and was all about writing ghost stories and horror. Charleston was a perfect setting, since in addition to the Civil War history, it also has ties to the Revolutionary War and the colonization of North America in the 1600s. The entire place is seeped in history. I won’t say I saw a ghost, but I certainly saw a lot of odd things out of the corner of my eye. Dehydration? Imagination? Or something else?

Obviously, since this was a trip all about ghost stories, we took a couple of ghost walks. All of the workshop tours were provided by Bulldog tours. Their guide Jack was excellent, so if you’re in the area look them/him up.

This, of course, meant spending a lot of time in beautiful graveyards.

I got a lot of writing done, and my classmates were all wonderful. We’ve already linked up on Twitter.

I wish I’d had another 2-3 days and about twice the budget we went down with.

There was one somewhat odd but very funny thing that happened on the trip.

It turns out my mom and I, independent of each other, bought the same shirt at two different thrift stores in two different counties a year apart, and didn’t realize it until we both packed them for this trip! We decided to wear them on the drive back to Ohio. Like mother, like daughter?


Next week I’ll share a couple of Charleston ghost stories with you, but if you want the full haunted history, you’ll have to take the tours yourself!

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