Writing Check In

I’ve been slowly pecking away at my updated production schedule. The hardest part is that things keep having to be shuffled or moved around. I might intend to work on editing one project, but my brain will have already skipped ahead to the next item on the list, a book that needs a finished draft. And then instead of going back to the one I skipped in the first place, I’ll end up jumping down two more places to another book that needs rewritten.

It’s a mess and I don’t like it, but I’m taking wins where I can get them. In the last month I’ve been working on finishing a draft and editing two other books. I finished my first draft of the year back in May. It should have been done in December, but…Well, things got in the way. 

I think the frustrating thing is that I’ve been trying to get a start on my next gender-bent retelling, but I can’t seem to make the history line up with the story I want to tell. Ash keeps telling me I’m being too particular, but I can’t help it. All For One has a very specific point where the story diverges from actual history and creates a ripple effect. But the point I need to diverge in this book is more political and cultural than historical, so it’s hard to pin down what exactly causes the change to make the world work the way I need it to.

Anyway. I should probably get back to all of that editing I’ve been putting off for the last six months.