Long time coming

Sometimes, I knock out a project in a couple of hours. I pick up my needles and before I’ve realized it, it’s been six hours, I haven’t had anything to eat or drink, I’ve binge watched an entire series on Netflix, and suddenly I have two hats and a shawl sitting beside me on the couch.

This was not one of those projects.

20190505_204802I first cast on this sweater back in December of 2015, according to the Ravelry entry.

The idea was simple: use a custom yarn I’d found on sale to create a sweater for Ash. Sort of in payment for all of the graphics she’s done for me.

The first try went horribly. The second went worse. By the third, I realized I didn’t have enough of the special custom yarn to finish the project, and there was no way to get more.

The sweater went on hold for a while, until I could get a secondary yarn to fill in the gaps. Cue two more attempts before I finally found a method that would work.

I discovered the method that worked for me (a top down raglan) in September of 2018.

Finally, eight months later, I am happy (and relieved) to present this:


It looks nothing like what I’d first envisioned, but it came out so well. Here’s a close up of the skulls along the border:


They’re a combination of cable and intarsia/fair isle (what exactly is the cut off between fair isle and intarsia? I’ll have to look it up….).

It fits perfectly, and I finished it just in time for warm weather. Luckily (?) we’re having a little big of a low pressure front at the moment, so there’s been a lot of wind and rain and lower temperatures, so Ash was able to wear it today!

The custom yarn I used is called Dorothy and it came from Yarnia, which combines commercial mill ends to make one-of-a-kind hand knitting yarns. I actually used another cone of their yarn I bought at the same time to make a sweater vest a few years ago.

The black yarn is a sport weight cotton blend from Knitpicks. Nothing super special, but it is very soft.

Of course, Hermes supervised the entire process.


And even Bast tried to help.


(he was not actually helpful. Just very, very cute.)

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