Quarterly check in

The first three months of 2019 have really sent a curve ball at me. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that severely limits my activity and energy output. We lost our beloved murderkitten. There’s been drama at work, family drama, and we made our annual trek to Steampunk Symposium. 2019 has been full of excitement, and I’m ready for a vacation.

  1. Donate at least 5% of book sales to charity.
    The tally is in, and the total donation for Q1 is $7.22. It’s not much, but I’ll be rounding up to $10 when I send in the payment to the Navajo Water Project, which was the charity my readers (you guys!) picked.
  2. Publish 2 books.
    The first book of the year will be out at the end of this month. More details coming soon.
  3. Write 2 books.
    I’ve nearly finished with the first.
  4. Edit 4 books.
    Technically, I did this already. But I still want to edit 3 more this year. ^^;
  5. Send out 2 queries per week (average)
    Queries were on hold until this week for a variety of reasons, but I have started sending them out again.
  6. Read at least 1 indie book per month
    I am an absolute failure at this goal.

What are your goals for 2019? How are you doing on them?