By Popular Demand…

I’m starting to get a complex.

The last two times I’ve held polls on Twitter about what kind of blogs my readers what to see something like this has been the result:


My cats have more fans than I do.

But really, with cuteness like this, I can’t be mad.


The only reason he looks so perky is because there was food just out of frame.

20181231_162514.jpgWe are all adjusting to life without Loki. Bast still goes to the basement door to look for him.

Hermes, who spends 90% of his time, both waking and sleeping, on my bed, doesn’t seem to have noticed anything is amiss. He even greeted the introduction of a new cat to the house with minimal fuss, and usually Hermes is nothing but drama, especially when it comes to change.

20190217_23314520190217_233156Lady Morrigan of the Void (aka Morrigan/Maura) is still very shy and skiddish in her new home. She spends most of the day under Ash’s bed, and then switches to hiding under my bed at night. It’s very difficult to get any pictures of her, particular pictures where you can tell she’s a cat and not a high-velocity soot sprite.

She comes out of hiding a little more every day, and when we’ve been able to give her attention she accepts it gladly, flopping over on her back and purring loudly before running off to a new hiding place a few minutes later.



Those are the only decent pictures I’ve gotten in the last week and a half, so you get an idea of just how hard she is to catch on film. It’s like living with a very fluffy vampire.

Well, maybe not. Biting was more Loki’s thing.

Bonus cat: 

My “little sister” AKA my mom’s cat, Tigger, has an epic Resting Bitch Face.


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