Petite Critique: The Vampire Knitting Club

51yri42bugqlTitle: The Vampire Knitting Club
Author: Nancy Warren
Age group: Adult
Genre: cozy mystery
Subgenre: urban fantasy
Page count: 219
Rating: * * *

This book is the first in a cozy mystery series.

I’m usually not a fan of “knit lit.” As much as I want to read it, I usually find it too sentimental. It doesn’t help that it frequently overlaps with romance, one of my least favorite genres.

However, I really did enjoy this book.

Lucy returns to Oxford after several years abroad to discover the grandmother she was looking forward to visiting actually passed away some weeks before. But as strange occurrences begin to surround her grandmother’s knitting shop–which she left to non-knitter Lucy–it appears there’s more at stake than just some wool and needles. For starters, there’s a suspicious developer poking around, who wants to buy the shop. It seems like the perfect escape for Lucy, until her very much UNdead grandmother reappears.

Secrets begin coming out of the woodwork, including Lucy’s own magical heritage. It might take more than spell work to get her knitting, though.

This was a great light mystery novel for a very stressful week. I have started reading the 2nd book, which holds promise, though I did pick out some continuity problems in the first few chapters. They are minor, however, and can be easily ignored.

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