2019 Charity Donations Part II

The people (you guys) have spoken and the winner of the charity poll is The Navajo Water Project.

Thank you to everyone who voted. I hope that as time passes and my platform (and my income!) grow, I can add more charities to the list.

For the time being, the donation amount will be 5% of my total income from my books. For those wondering, here is the breakdown:

Most of my ebooks are $1.99. After Amazon/Etsy fees, I make a 70% royalty, which comes to about $1.50 per book. 5% of $1.50 is about $.08.

Most of my print books are $14.99. On average, between hard copies I sell myself (and therefore have to pay printing costs for) and the fees Amazon/Etsy takes, I make about $8 per book. 5% of $8 is $.40.

I know that doesn’t sound like much per book. Please keep in mind that these figures don’t include what I pay for editing, cover art, advertising, shipping costs, or any of the other expenses that are part of writing, publishing, and marketing a book (like travel research expenses, web hosting, and other stuff).

So, it’s not much right now. I do want to up that number in the future, but right now I have to make sure I can keep the lights on and the cats fed, because I won’t be writing anything if Hermes decides to chew off my fingers while I sleep.



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