Changes in 2019

A couple of months ago I hinted at some changes that will be coming to my production schedule and the website starting in January. I’m just going to make a quick list to preview some of the things you can look forward to next year.

  • I’ll be releasing 2 books in 2019. Early details will be available for mailing list subscribers starting in January.
  • I will be adding a PO Box to my contacts
  • The Etsy store will be updated, with the possibility  of also adding a Society 6/merch store. If there’s something you want to see in either of those, just leave a comment down below.
  • And now for the thing I’m most excited about: Starting in January, all #MHMon guest bloggers will be PAID. It’s not much, but I thought it was a position that deserved some recompense. It will be a flat fee of $5. For more information, check out the #MHMon tab above.

I hope to see you all in the new year!

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