Recent Projects

Lately I seem to be late for everything. I’ve had a lot going on the last few months, and executive dysfunction (a side effect of mental illness in which it’s difficult to process priorities, manage time, and basically “adult”) has been really bad. I can usually pick one thing to accomplish each day, but more than that becomes a challenge.

All I really want to do is knit and sew–not even on the projects I already have. I’ve been embroidering a lot because I’ve had an itch to hand stitch, but the idea of cutting and piecing a garment has been too daunting, especially with all the changes I usually have to make to commercial patterns to make them fit correctly.

I did manage to finish one machine sewn project, however. I started it before Halloween, but only finished it last week. img_20181112_124014024_burst000_cover_top

This hoodie was inspired by one I saw for sale in October, but I didn’t want to spend $60 on. It’s made of fleece with a metal zipper and lace trim. I absolutely love it–it’s very warm and comfortable. The only draw back is that every time I wear it I keep singing “I’m a bat” to the tune of “Baby Shark”. It really brings out my inner five-year-old.


Speaking of my inner child, I’ve also been working on Toothless. I started this embroidery project ages ago, and only recently picked it up again because as I said, I’ve been wanting to hand stitch. I’ve been working on it while I watch Great British Baking Show, which to me is a perfect combination. I’ve actually gotten a bit further in it than this photo shows. I think I have about 2.5 hours of stitching left on the face, and then I can FINALLY move on to a thread that isn’t black or grey.

The sweater I mentioned last time is coming along. I finally finished the body and have started work on the sleeves. No pictures yet, though.

I also cast on for a new pair of socks, using some scrap yarn. I haven’t taken any pictures of them, but I’m hoping to finish them over the holiday weekend.

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