What’s in a name?

Many of you know that the name I write under–Sophia Beaumont–is not my real name.

Writers use pen names for a variety of reasons. Sophia is a name I’ve used online for years, as it means “wisdom.” As a consummate Ravenclaw, wisdom is something I’ve always desired to have, but often felt myself lacking.

Also, it’s a very pretty name and I like it.

When my first story was published back in 2012, the environment I was living in was very different. Gay marriage wasn’t legal. It was just before the push for LGBT+ equality in the US, but I didn’t know that. I hadn’t yet gotten involved in the movement, and was blissfully ignorant of politics in general (oh, how things have changed).

My first two pieces to publish were short stories (you can find them on my books page). The very first story to come out was a comedic m/m fluffy romance about a wereflamingo.

I wanted to protect my privacy. I was still shy and unsure, a recent college grad, and in a conservative neighborhood. M/m romance was still shelved under “erotica” regardless of the heat level of the story.

The story was a joke. I basically wrote it on a dare, so when it came time to decide on what name to publish under, Ash and I brain stormed the most hilarious romance-novel sounding names we could come up with. Eventually, we settled on Beaumont as a last name (Beaumont=beautiful mountain, also a nod to Montreal, which I keep writing about for some reason…).

It was never meant to be a permanent pen name, but when The Spider’s Web was accepted by the same publisher, it made sense to keep the name. And when the publisher closed, I kept using it so the people who found me through the publisher would know where to find me once they were gone.

Up to this point, I’ve been publishing young adult books (technically, Evie’s books could be considered New Adult, but that’s a discussion for an entirely different blog post). I love YA. Most of my favorite books are YA.

But I also love adult books.

I love the darker side of things.

We have been very lucky the past few weeks. Our financial struggles have finally been ironed out (*knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder*), and that means I can start to clean up some things I’ve been ignoring.

Starting this fall you’ll be seeing some changes made around the blog and also in my books.

The first and most notable change is that I will be publishing under a new name: Sìne Peril.

This new name is basically a comedic misspelling of my actual name. Sìne is actually the Irish spelling (it’s pronounced SHEE-na) of my first name, and Peril is…well, it’s funny, since most of my adult books are Gothic horror murder mysteries. Let’s just say someone once butchered the spelling of my surname, and I thought it was so funny I had to use it.

Anyway, starting in October you’ll be sing a lot more of this alter ego of mine. I’m not retiring Sophia Beaumont. There will still probably be at least one book a year published under that name, but for branding reasons I want to change things up a little.

Think of it this way: if you are looking for YA, contemporary/urban fantasy, or something on the lighter side, you’re going to want to look for Sophia Beaumont books. These are books for fans of Jim Butcher, Derek Landy, Rick Riordan, or Gail Carriger.

If, on the other hand, you want something a bit darker to read during a violent thunderstorm while the ghost in your attic bangs on the pipes and howls in the vents, then the Sìne Peril books are probably more your speed. These are for fans of Cat Winters, Jane Eyre, Brahm Stoker, and Daphne du Maurier.

In the coming months you will see some changes here on the blog, both in appearance and organization, which I hope will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Knotmagick is still the umbrella you will find all of my work under, and regardless of the name, know that you’re still going to find diverse books involving mental health and probably no small about of sarcasm and textile content.

I hope you stick around to see what is in store. If you have any questions you would like addressed, please just leave them in the comments below!