Coming soon!

That’s right! Are you guys ready?

The title of my next book is… *drumroll*


Sophia Andrews was fully prepared for her husband to die fighting for the Union–or at least, as prepared as one can be for such an eventuality. She was not expecting him to be murdered in cold blood on the streets of Washington D.C. just before mustering out.

Though the Army would have her believe Confederate sympathizers killed her husband, a deathbed visitation from his ghost and a conversation with the only witness convince her otherwise. Sophia launches her own investigation, uncovering a plot to seize her husband’s railroad company and making herself the killer’s next target.

Faced with the choice between signing over the company and risking not only her own life, but that of her daughter, Sophia puts it all on the line to draw out her husband’s murderer. While suffering from a mysterious illness, she follows the trail of the killer from her home in Buffalo to an isolated sanatorium and checks herself in. She must find the evidence she needs and escape before the killer ensures she’s locked away forever.

OFF THE RAILS will be available in all the usual places on October 23, 2018. More info coming soon!

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