The Music of ALL FOR ONE

I’m not very good at mentally casting actors for the main characters in my books, but I can always tell you what the opening and closing themes would be if they were turned into a television show (I think tv shows are better suited for adapting books than movies are. Don’t you?).

The opening theme song would be “J’ai cherché” by Amir Haddad (click the link for English lyrics).

The closing I see as an animated comedy skit, playing off the song “Milord Paroles,” by Édith Piaf, in which cartoon versions of the main characters lead “Milord” de Winter on a wild goose chase.


The soundtrack:

J’ai cherché

Milord Paroles

Tu es foutu by In-Grid

Can’t Get Me Down by Lo-Ball

Warrior by Skarlett Riot

The Arena by Lindsey Stirling

Raise Hell by Dorothy

Valentine by Electric Swing Circus

Take a Hint by Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies

Heads will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Seashore by the Regrettes

Say Hello by Juliet Simms

This is the music that got me through the marathon writing session that was going from outline to nearly-polished draft in eight weeks. I usually take 8 weeks to write a first draft, and then another 8-12 weeks spread out over the next several months to revise, revise, revise and revise some more.

ALL FOR ONE moved a lot faster because while I had the start of an ms, I wasn’t planning to submit it to ShoreIndie initially. I had another book (actually, the next book I’ll be putting out), but when I talked about AFO on Twitter, it was getting way more attention than the other story. So I buckled down and spent a lot of long hours at the keyboard and managed to get something workable down in time to submit. I was still working on it the night before the deadline. The finished ms had really good bones (obviously) but wasn’t perfect by any means. There were some pacing issues and a lot of typos. I was actually really embarrassed by the number of errors when I went back and reread it after getting feedback from Jeni, my editor. After several more rounds of edits, including one with a copy editor, we managed to take it in hand and put together the book you have now.

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