History in Pictures, part II

A couple of weeks ago a posted a list of documentaries I’ve been watching on Youtube. My documentary kick continues, so here are a few more you might enjoy. A few of them are quite long, so there’s several hours of viewing time here.

The Civil War and Its Dead
This documentary shows a lot of the more domestic side of the Civil War, which happens to be where my interest lies. It really shows how the war impacted sanitation and the human side of future conflicts.

The Empress of Ireland
Being an American, we didn’t learn a lot of Canadian history in school. I’m honestly surprised I’d never heard of this tragedy prior to watching the documentary.

The Lusitania docudrama 
This docudama stars John Hannah and covers another tragedy at sea and what could have been done to prevent it. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

In Search of Frankenstein
This documentary looks at the early part of Mary Shelley’s career and the social, political, scientific, and religious events at the time that influenced the writing of her most famous novel.

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, part I 
Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, part II 
Another thing we didn’t talk about much in school was what happened after the Civil War. I learned so much about America in the 1860s-70s watching this, and it absolutely broke my heart. We are repeating so many of the same mistakes today.

Rebels and Redcoats (British perspective on the American Revolution), part I
Rebels and Redcoats (British perspective on the American Revolution), part II
Rebels and Redcoats (British perspective on the American Revolution), part III
Rebels and Redcoats (British perspective on the American Revolution), part IV
Here in the US, the history of the American Revolution is practically a myth on the scale of The Odyssey or the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Washington is practically a demi-god.

But this was the first time I’d seen the Revolution from a different perspective. They didn’t teach us in school why some Americans chose to remain loyal to the crown. This BBC documentary shows the war from an angle we don’t see much of on this side of the pond.

Full Steam Ahead episode 1

This is an ongoing series. I’ve only linked to the first episode for that reason, but more episodes can be found on Youtube as they are uploaded.

This series looks at the history of rail travel in the UK, and how it changed everything from trade to textiles to the way people ate. It’s absolutely fascinating and includes a look at both the physical and industrial changes as well as the more overlooked domestic issues.


I’m sure I’ll be adding more documentaries to this list over the next few weeks.

Do you have any favorites you’ve come across?

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