June is Pride month, dedicated to celebrating LGBTQIA+ of all sorts.

For those who do not know, I am on the aro/ace spectrum. The exact position on the spectrum changes from day to day, but that is my identity and it bleeds into all of my work.

Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction to people of any gender. I’m usually near the demi-sexual end of the spectrum, which means I need a personal attachment to a person before I find them sexually attractive. Unless I know you really, really well, I don’t want you hugging, kissing, or touching me in general.

Being aromantic means I don’t have an interest in romantic relationships. Candle lit dinners and holding hands while walking in moonlight bores me. I’d rather read a book.

This month I want to take a few moments and explore what this identity means to me, my characters, and to other aro/aces in the community. Pride month is supposed to be a time of inclusion, but unfortunately there’s a lot of gatekeeping that keeps aro/aces on the outside.

So join me every Friday this month to talk about sexuality, writing, and the LGBTQIA+ community.