goals 2018

May Wrap Up

The Books

25. The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas
26. Cold Days by Jim Butcher
27. Odd Girl Out by Laura James ND

A short month this time in terms of reading. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, but I’ve also had some deadlines working against me. All three books this month were wins.

The Goals

  1. Send out 2 queries per week.
    I just started querying again the 2nd week of April, and have met my goal.
  2. Publish 3 books.
    1/3 complete! Are you looking forward to my 2nd book of the year, ALL FOR ONE? Have you pre-ordered your copies?
  3. Read the books currently on the night stand.
    I’ve read 3 books, DNFed a third, and put a 4th in the giveaway pile unread because it no longer sounded interesting. I’ve also added at least 7 books so far this year, but we won’t talk about those. Yet.
  4. Read at least 1 indie book per month
    I’m doing terribly on this. I read mostly library books, but my library does not consider indie books to have “literary merit,” so they won’t stock them. (Don’t even get me started on that rant.)
  5. Read at least 30% diverse books.
    Somehow I scraped by on this, even though I only read three books.

My Books

All For One smallThe release of ALL FOR ONE is only a couple of weeks away. You can pre-order a $2.99 ebook edition on Amazon right now, or order a signed paperback through my Etsy shop.

Also this month I released the Moreau House pattern. For those who were looking forward to it, I do appreciate your patience. Putting out 3 books and three patterns–all on my own for the most part–takes a lot of work, and is occasionally more involved than expected.

Also, sometimes shit happens and plans fall through, and there’s really nothing you can do except keep going.

DSCF1159.jpgBut in a lot of ways, that’s one of the themes of Evie’s books, so I’m okay with it. You can find the boot cuff pattern for free on Ravelry, or just head over to the Patterns tab to find it and my other free downloads (as well as a few of my best-selling paid patterns).

2 thoughts on “May Wrap Up”

  1. You are doing much better at reading than I am doing with my books. I chose one book per month due to my employment commitments. Then at the end of march my contract ended so I decided I had plenty of time to learn some things I have been delaying. I also set my book goal to one per week. So far I’ve read one book and a few chapters of the second one and my new job starts Monday.


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