Q&A: All For One

All For One smallWhen is this book coming out? 
June 18, 2018

What is this book even about?

In 1862, the Republic of Quebec has a constitutional monarchy, established ninety years before by Marie Antoinette, who fled France’s revolution. Under the influence of its matriarchal leaders, Quebec is the first country to grant equal rights to all citizens, regardless of gender.

Louise Drapeau is willing and eager to take advantage of these rights as she travels from her small town to the capital to join the most elite fighting force in the country, the all-female Queen’s Guard, also known as the Musketeers. She’s barely in the city twenty-four hours, however, when she uncovers a plot to kill the queen, headed by Quebec’s First Minister, Cardinal Lefebvre.

With the help of her three new friends—Portia, Athena, and Arabella—Louise must unravel the increasingly complex politics of the palace in order to not only save the queen but to keep neutral Quebec out of the Civil War raging just a few hundred miles south in the United States.

Surely this will be enough to get her into the Musketeers—if she can survive.

What formats will be available?
Ebooks and paperbacks will be available.

Can I pre-order through Amazon?
The ebook is already up for pre-order here. If you would like to pre-order a signed paperback, those are now available through my Etsy shop.

Will ALL FOR ONE be available in brick & mortar stores?
Unfortunately, no. You can order through Amazon, B&N, CreateSpace, and my Etsy, however.

Does it matter where I buy my copy?
Not terribly, since it’s really only available in a few places. I do make more money on the purchase of hard copies vs. ebooks, and I get a higher percentage from CreateSpace than I do from Amazon. I make the most money on purchases through my Etsy.

Is this book part of a series?
No, it is a stand alone. I am planning more gender-bent retellings, but they will not be directly tied to ALL FOR ONE.

Will there be any coupon codes available? 
I don’t know yet. If they do become available, it would only be through my Etsy. Sign up for my mailing list if you want to receive coupon codes.

Will Advance Reader Copies be available? 
My e-arcs have already gone out for this book. If you want to be on my list of early readers in the future, please send me an email at author.SophiaBeaumont (at) to let me know. I give priority to established book bloggers, but will send to most people who request if availability allows.

Is there a pattern to go with this book?
Obviously! It will go up in late June/early July. But don’t think I’m leaving you without any goodies! The book includes bonus features, but you’ll have to get your copy to find out what it is!

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