#MHMon: The Importance of Taking a Break

Sometimes as creatives, we need to step back from our projects. The things we make don’t just take physical energy, but mental and emotional energy. It’s easy to burn out, especially when trying to balance between a day job, life, and writing or creating, be it making short film, art, sewing, or design work.

We are often shamed for our creative work. We’re told that we are wasting time, that we need to get a real job, be more responsible–the list is endless, and if you’re here, I’m sure you’ve heard a few dozen of these in your lifetime. So it’s hard to take a break when we feel like we aren’t doing enough–when we feel like we can never do enough.

The dishes will still be there tomorrow. You will still have to get up and go to your day job.

We all have deadlines to meet, but reward yourself with a bubble bath and a good book, or a walk through your favorite park, or just an evening watching Netflix with your favorite furry companion.

Your brain is the battery that keeps the rest of you going. Give it a chance to recharge.