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April Wrap Up and Cover Reveal!

The Books

18. Beautiful Poison by Lydia Kang
19. The Alienist by Caleb Carr
20. Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
21. The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas
22. Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey ND
23. The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas
24. The Eterna Solution by Leanna Renee Hieber D

More books this month! I started listening to the Sherry Thomas books on audio, and I’ve been blowing through them. I’m about halfway done with the final book in the series, and they are so good!

Every book this month was absolutely excellent. I’m not even sure I can pick a favorite, but it would probably be Something Strange and Deadly. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in that series.

The Goals

  1. Send out 2 queries per week.
    I just started querying again the 2nd week of April, and have met my goal.
  2. Publish 3 books.
    1/3 complete! Are you looking forward to my 2nd book of the year, ALL FOR ONE?
  3. Read the books currently on the night stand.
    I’ve read 3 books, DNFed a third, and put a 4th in the giveaway pile unread because it no longer sounded interesting. I’ve also added at least 7 books so far this year, but we won’t talk about those. Yet.
  4. Read at least 1 indie book per month
    I’m doing terribly on this. I read mostly library books, but my library does not consider indie books to have “literary merit,” so they won’t stock them. (Don’t even get me started on that rant.)
  5. Read at least 30% diverse books.
    I didn’t make it this month, but I’m still working on it. I had a lot of library books that all came in at the same time, so I had to get through those before they needed returned.

My Books

This is the part you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? The big reveal!

Hold on to your hats, because here it is. The cover for ALL FOR ONE, out June 18!



All For One small

Once again, this cover was designed by the wonderful Ash K. Alexander, and I am absolutely in love with it.

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