Symposium Schedule!

My favorite hat will certainly be making an appearance this year.

I finally have the full list of panels I will be co-hosting at this year’s Steampunk Symposium. I don’t have all of the time slots yet, but will be updating this page as the information becomes available. You’ll also be able to spot me walking around the con floor, as always. Feel free to flag me down to chat, or to sign books, etc.

The Lit Track Reading Hour: Hear all our fabulous literary guests tease a favorite bit from their latest book or work in progress in an exciting round-robin of fantastical fiction! Swag and giveaways for all attendees! Hear juicy tidbits and win prizes!

Writing As a Group Sport: Critique Partners, Writing with Co-Authors and other Collaborations – What are the benefits and challenges of working with co-authors? How can you benefit from writer’s groups, artistic collaborations and co-operatives? Our talented literary panelists will share their strategies and inspire artists to consider new avenues of support and inspiration.

Sourced! Historical Research Revisited! – The most common question a historical fantasy author receives is about research. Join our esteemed literary panelists as they give aspiring writers and creatives of any kind, from just building a steampunk persona to crafting a novel, tips and tricks of the trade.

The Writer’s Workshop – A symposium tradition, Alice and I will be there for a 3 part workshop to answer your questions about writing and publishing. In our first session on Saturday (10am), we’ll introduce ourselves, discuss the pros and cons of planning vs. pantsing, and get a feel for the needs of the group. That afternoon (Saturday, 3pm), we’ll talk about craft, character development, world building, and have a brief writing session. On Sunday (1pm), we’ll wrap up by sharing what we’ve worked on through the sessions and answering any final questions.

Syposium is the last weekend in April (Fri-Sun). Will you be there? What are you looking forward to?

Also, if you’ve been following my Twitter, you might have heard my latest announcement. I will be revealing the cover for my next book at Symposium and will have a couple of little goodies for attendees. I’ll be doing the internet reveal the following Monday (April 30).

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