Growing the Pantheon

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@knotmagick on both) you might have missed that we added a new addition to our family last week:

20180316_202705Bast is 7 months old and weighs about 7lbs, so they’re the most petite of our felines.

Yes, that’s right. I used “they” for a cat. Because honestly…we’re not sure about their gender. They have been spayed/neutered, but the paperwork from the shelter was conflicting. We assume the vet paperwork is accurate, since if one is going to remove bits from a cat, one presumably knows what those bits are, but honestly? The gender of the cat doesn’t matter to us. 20180316_203844

Bast is by far the snuggliest, most loving, relaxed cat I have ever known. They love being held and receiving snuggles, and unlike Loki and Hermes they know very well that laps are for snuggling, thank you very much, and so long as you are sitting there, would you be so kind as to provide ear rubs? Or perhaps belly rubs? 20180317_171238

The belly is not a trap, by the way.

Loki is not thrilled to be an older brother. He hisses at Bast every time he sees them, and hisses at us if we come near him after petting Bast. Thankfully, he does not seem included to attack the kitten, and would rather flee the room, instead.

Hermes was more daring, much to my surprise (Hermes’s official breed is “fraidy cat.” It’s true. It says it on his vet paperwork). He got almost nose to nose with Bast before running away. He’s only hissed once, and provided Bast stays out of arm’s reach, Hermes seems to be employing the “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” philosophy.

He sleeps hugging his tail. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Bast, for their part, doesn’t seem to care about having roommates, though they will hide if we aren’t home and may not come out for a couple of hours. But really? Finding a quiet place to nap does not concern us at all, especially after the tiffs Hermes has gotten into with Loki, my mom’s cat and my parents’ dogs when I was living with them. He acts like having a new home is no big deal at all, though considering he just moved from a 2 story kennel to a 2 story townhouse with a basement, it must feel like he has his own continent now.

Bast 01
The best pictures of me always involve animals. It’s a scientific fact.

Bast 02

So, that’s your semi-regular update from Chez Knotmagick. I’m sure there will be more kitty pictures to come, of all our feline overlords. (P.S. Really, you should follow my Instagram for more. It’s like 90% cat pictures over there.)

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