In this house, we celebrate firsts with ice cream.

Obligatory outfit shot. It’s hard to tell, but the dress is a Downton Abbey-style black lace number.

Saturday marked several firsts for me. The first time I took a road trip by myself. The first time I went to Indiana. The first time I went to a book event alone. And the first time I hit (and exceeded) a sales goal!

I was invited to attend this event, which was a sponsored by Tri Kappa (Indiana-specific sorority that raises funds for charity), by my friend Becky on Ravelry. A fellow knitter, she was keen to invite authors that were outside the norm. I was a little afraid when I showed up–I was the only author who didn’t write faith-based books, and for a minute I was afraid they’d run me off with torches and pitchforks! But everyone was really lovely and I met some great people and had a wonderful time.

You might have seen a few of my adventures on my Instagram stories (you can follow me @knotmagick. My instagram is mostly cat pictures, FYI).

We have a tradition in my family that we celebrate firsts with ice cream, so this definitely qualified! I stopped at a Dairy Queen on my way home for my favorite milkshake: chocolate banana. It was delicious and exactly what I needed for the long drive home.

Anyway, it was a great way to spend the day, and it made me super pumped for Steampunk Symposium next month! I hope I’ll see at least a few of you there!

Becky and I got to spend a few minutes chatting before the event kicked off.

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